Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 31 WOO HOO rounding the corner :)

Oh my gosh I can't believe I got all 31 days cards done at 365 Cards :) It's been such a crazy, stressful, ridiculous month and if it weren't for the blog and cards I would have gotten nothing done! Now I have 31 gorgeous cards and a huge sense of accomplishment WOO HOO

Touchy feely Friday

Friday's 365 cards challenge was all touchy and feely LOL The challenge was to create a card using at least 3 texturing techniques. I used all coredinations cardstock and sanded and crumpled the daylights outta them. It actually looks kinda cool how they stand off the page like that :)
then I stickled all the dots on the ribbons and also on my stamped sentiment :)

365 cards sketchy sunday

Oh i just love this sketch!!!! I got to play with my new circle cutter :) Again I dipped into the scrap pile and found some oldies but goodies! I just love this giant ticket! And I used a fun little stamp and stickled it up a bit :)

Scraplift myself you say?

Ha what a fun idea :) I might have to do this more often cause I really like how this turned out! The challenge at 365 Cards was to scraplift one of your layouts and turn it into a card. I used this layout of Miss Lexi And I used it as a sketch to make this card :)

A happy little scrapper

The very best thing about the 365 Cards blog for me so far is I'm using up SO much stuff that I had saved!!!! Thid day's challenge was to have a ladybug as your inspiration. I had a good laugh when I saw that! I have had this ladybug ribbon in my stash for years! Several times I've thought about RAKing it out to someone else who might use it, but it was so darling I just couldn't. And WOOHOO a ladybug challenge LOL I used a couple PP scraps and several ribbons to create the stripes on this card.

Love me a good crossword :)

Over at 365 Cards they had this printable I love you crossword to build a card around.... FUN! I went back to my Little Yellow Bicycle scraps for this Love card :) My printer was being all wacky.... it needs ink in a bad way LOL I didn't really love the blue tinted black so I cut out tiny squares for all the black spots. Dontcha just love it when an "oops" turns into something you love :)

I had to take a closeup of this little do-hicky. I have no idea where it came from but it just is so darn pretty :)

365 Cards ad challenge

Isn't this a fun ad? 365 cards had it as an ad inspiration challenge this week! I wasn't really sure what to do with it except it reminded me of these clear American Crafts stickers I got in a kit and had had lying around for awhile. I went through my scrap drawers and also found papers that fit with the ad colors and here's what I came up with!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to nature

One challenge at 365 cards this week was to make a card with a nature theme. I wasn't so sure about this one at first, but it's definately my favorite one of the week now that it's done! I received these My Little Shoebox papers in a RAK and they were the first thing I thought of when I read the challenge.
I cut out a strip of trees and adhered them with pop dots and of course stickled the apples LOL I had this acrylic bird laying around so I covered it in pink and brown Stayzon and tacked it down with a couple brads. I ususally stay far far away from the clear stuff as they're a pain in the rear to adhere to paper, but I really love this little birdy :)

And I had a die cut that matched so that one went on there with some pop dots too :) Thanks for lookin!

Is there ANY color I don't like?

the answer is no LOL One of the challenges this week was to make a card with your least used color. Ummm.... yeah it took me more time to figure out a color than it did to make the card :) I really don't have one that I don't like. But I noticed I don't use a lot of red except around valentine's day, so I went with it. I had all these really cool red textured papers and some fun scalloped cards and here's what I ended up with :)

Oh so behind.....

Blah what a week LOL I had very little time to play with paper this week, but I did manage to squeeze a few cards in here and there :) This card was for last Sunday's super sketch challenge at 365 Cards. Here's the sketch....Isn't it fun?????
And here's what I did with it! I am working on some items to sell and I made this card with some scrap left overs from the baby boy album I'm making :) I just love these Making Memories baby papers!

And because everythings better with sparkle I had to make the elephants just a little more fabulous :)

I don't usually do the insides of cards, but it just felt like it needed it on this one! Very simple but I think it looks darn cute how it all came together!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh how fun!

365 Cards

Ok so I'm super dork, but this Card of the Week award at 365 Cards just made me so happy! Isn't it nice how little pick me ups like that always seem to happen when you really need them? Anywho... it was for the rainbow card I made with last weeks Sunday Sketch, which is probably my favorite I have made for the 365 challenges so far!
And here's my last card for this week. And it's still Saturday for me so I got them all done on the right day except for one WOO HOO! I have a ginourmous pile of gorgeous cards.... I really need to start sending them LOL This days challenge was to use the song "Lean on Me" as inspiration. I found myself really wishing I had a super cute stamp with people leaning on eachother but hey.... what are you gonna do? So I settled for using the song title and making a pretty card to go with it :) Really do love how it turned out!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inside out day

What a fun challenge this was! I don't know that I've ever done this before? the challenge today at 365 Cards was to make an inside out card by having most embellishments and the sentiment inside the card. :) It turned out really fun! And there's that pesky bow again LOL

We had another fun day of picture taking today :) Coby was on the floor having the dreaded tummy time again and Elli layed down next to him! It was SO darling :) So my dear husband who understands the importance of pictures to the scrapbooker grabbed the camera and startedshooting away. Of course the second the camera came out Coby decided not to hold his head up anymore.... perfect. However all is not lost LOL Check out the expressions on Elli's face as she waited patiently and then not so patiently for him to pick his head back up!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunshiny card and Picturepalooza

So this challenge has been runnin around in my brain all week.... of course they post a springy sunshiny challenge days after I made TWO sunshiny cards LOL So I rummaged through my paper tonight and found this darling birdy paper I've been hanging onto for awhile. :) It totally makes me think of spring as we've finally begun seeing a lot of birds other than gulls wandering around our yard! I stickied him to some chipboard and added whatever else to this card that I found laying around that even remotely matched :) I've been doing a lot of stuff lately with all the same line of paper so it was kinda fun to mix and match again.

I was so excited to find that one of the birds already had HELLO written on him! So I stickled him and here's a closeup. In person it really stands out on the card!

I realized today it's been a long time since I posted pics of the kidlets for my Mom and Dad to see so here goes.... some snapshots of the kiddos bein their normal crazy selves :) So this was a classic Elli.... she was mad at Steve and I cause we stole her TV to watch our show (the NERVE), and she informed us she was running awaw. Below was part of her "running away dance."

Steve said "Elli where are you going?"

Elli said "To the store"

Steve "What are you getting at the store?"

Elli " A new vacuum for Mommy!!!!!!"

No one really understands that but what the heck it was cute LOLhave you met our new friend the nanerpus????? Wendy was kind enough to introduce Elli and I to the wonderful world of the Denny's Nanerpus commercial.... Elli watches it about a gazillion times a day. So of course we had to make a Nanerpus of our own. Here he is in all his glory..... Lexi drew his face and said he was nerdy nanerpus :)

In case you haven't seen it.... here's the commercial (Ok I cant figure out how to get it here... "nice" but here's the linky)

And here's poor sad nanerpus meeting his untimely demise. Elli decided she was hungry LOL

One night after Elli went to bed Mr. Coby pulled his usual trickery and stayed up to play with Mommy and Daddy! I swear these two conspire all day... when one falls asleep the other wakes up. Like immediately. Anywho... here's Coby having the much detested "tummy time." Poor kid just hates it but he's getting so much better at holding his head up when on his tummy :)
HA I got Lexi LOL For my blogging friends whose kids are not yet teens this is what you have to look forward to! I have to sneak up on her and hope she doesn't have enough time to roll her eyes or glare :)

This is what Lex and I were doing at the time. Watching Coby work on his rolllllllllling :) He can get very easily from his tummy to his back. Poor kid hates being on his tummy so much he had to learn real quick how to get back to his back LOL Every once in awhile he'd roll a little too fast and cry a little when he ended up on his back :( Poor little sweetie! Later that day.... Miss Elli pulled out her dress-up stuff. Daddy was SO pleased when Elli dolled Coby up a bit :) It was just hilarious and so fun to watch her really play with her new little brother. About a hundred times a day now she says "Mom I love having a new baby brother!"

Here's Elli and Coby doin what the do best.... snuggling :)
Here's Mr. man on his 3 month birthday :) Isn't he getting so big?!? He looks so much like a little man LOL He's doing his very best thing here which is eating his own hands!
Steve got a bunch of funny pics tonight of Elli having a hair obsessed day! this kid has not let me "do" her hair or have a pony in for more than five seconds in the last three years.... and today she was ALL about the headband and the "pinky" tails as she called them :)
Sadly for Gracie.... she got involuntarily involved in the dressup game. Elli dressed her head to toe and it was hilarious! Poor silly dog!