Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holy KIT Batman

I think I'm in love :) These gigantic kits from Homegrown Scrapbooks rock! These layouts are from the Summer Survival Kit! I had gotten the spring too, but was just too darn exhausted to play LOL This time I'm following along with the class and having so much fun! The second layout is from a sketch that was posted on the Homegrown Blog! The first layout is of Elli opening her card from Lucas! She was SO very excited to get mail from her buddy! The second is a picture I took of her playing on the playground at the lake :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Elli and the tree: Triple the Sketch

Triple the Sketch posted a fun CHA special sketch :) What a fun sketch and just perfect for these two pictures I had of Elli picking leaves off of our tree!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some scrappy fun.... and some other stuff too :)

I found this newish blog called Use Your Stash that I just think is SO fun! The challenge was to use your stamps.... I have SO many of them and I never use them, so it was really fun to get some out to play with! I used a butterfly stamp and colored it in with my Heidi Swapp colored pencils (also something I never use!) and also used up some chipboard and the clear border thing that I had been meaning to use! It's hard to tell, but I had been dying to use this new coredinations cardstock and I LOVE that stuff! It was black with orange and it looks so cool sanded! In other news... I have recently learned how to make those cool black and white pictures with some color added back in and I'm addicted!!!! I was always so in awe when the portrait studio made them and I love being able to make my own! I did this one of Miss Elli coloring on her feet with chalk and just love how it turned out! Also on my list of things that are AWESOME is Costco hot dogs.... if anyones keeping track, this is my pregnancy craving of the moment. Poor Steve has had to bring me Costco hot dogs everyday after work all week! I told him it would be a lot easier on him if he would buy me one of those machines that rotates the hot dog while it cooks and makes them so delicious.... I'm just sayin. And yes I did take this picture so I could scrap it for the baby book LOL

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sassy Scrappers reveal :)

Steph made this ridiculously gorgeous kit for the Sassy DT! I totally think she should go into business designing kits! Thanks Stepher I had a great time playing with all these pretty goodies!

Baby's first scrapbook :)

Now that everyone knows about the baby I can share this darling album Wen sent me for the baby! Thanks Wen! You rock :) I had just been thinking.... where am I going to put the baby layout? And then a package showed up at my door! Isn't it pretty?

Thank goodness my scrappy blahs are FINALLY over! I was starting to worry for awhile there LOL I made this fun friend card from a sketch at Triple the Sketch. She has a really cool concept over there! There is a sketch and then the DT makes layouts and altered items and cards with the same sketch! For this card I used this weeks sketch and turned it on it's side.

What??? The heck you say!

Yes that's right.....The Scrap City now has kits :) You would not believe all the amazing stuff that Jen has packed into this kit! I was so flattered that she asked me to design some goodies with her new kit and I just love how they turned out! Totally brought me out of my scrappy funk!

And if that isn't quite enough excitement for you.... The Scrap City is going to have a store too! Woo hoooooo! Please join us the weekend of July 25-27 to celebrate the opening of the new store :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The "fourth" that only kinda sorta was

Well we tried LOL Fortunately Steve, Lex and I weren't too invested in seeing the fireworks, and Elli is so little that everything thrills her :) First we went to the parade in downtown Warrenton. We missed it last year since we were manically unpacking still, but I am so glad we went this year cause Elli loved it! They had a Coast Guard helicopter and an old plane fly over Main street where the parade was going on and Ell was SO excited! She kept yelling "plane plane!" and "heliplopper helliplopper!" The look on her face as the plane flew over was just priceless :) Made me about have a nervous breakdown though! I can't believe how low they flew! I just love this picture of Elli waving at the firetrucks, police trucks and military vehicles :) The whole parade was mostly public service and military vehicles of people throwing candy and Elli and Lex got some! There were also some clowns and horses that Elli really loved and talked about all day long.... and today too!

We had to drag Miss Elli kicking and screaming from the parade when it was over, but she was OK after we told her we were going to see the fireworks later, which she had learned all about from watching Max and Ruby! Sadly seeing the fireworks didn't go quite as planned although I don't think she knew that :) We had heard that the marina which is just blocks from our house was a great place to watch several firework shows.... yeah not so much! We piled in the car a little after nine and Elli was just plain ticked off at being in the car LOL So we got out and waited.... and waited .... and waited some more LOL It was WAY foggy and we finally saw a tiny bit of fireworks way off in the distance, but they were half covered by clouds SO we gave up and went home to watch the vancouver ones in HD :) Elli didn't know the difference and LOVED them and fell asleep after about ten minutes! All in all it was a VERY fun day!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Finally made this mini album!

So awhile back Wen sent me these cool coasters! They make such a neat little album! I had these papers that I bought just to use for Lex (Bo Bunny Xtreme Teen), but I had no clue what to do with them and this was just perfect! I made the coasters into a mini album with places on each page for a picture of her friend and a place to write thier name, phone #, etc. My plan was that she could hang it in her locker since she'll have one for the first time next year.... whether or not it's "cool" enough for that remains to be seen LOL

Wowsers :) What a Xmas present!

I am so happy to finally feel Ok sharing this layout with all my internet buddies! I have just had so many darn problems in this pregnancy so far that I really wanted to wait til we were pretty sure we were "in the clear" :) I found out two days before Miss Elli's second birthday that we were pregnant again! Wow what a surprise! Although I knew it was possible I really wasn't expecting the test to be positive! I had had this whole creative plan for telling Steve if it WAS positive, but I just could not wait til the next day and had to tell him immediately :) I came downstairs with the test and showed it to him and we both just stared at it for awhile LOL My due date is.... of all the days Xmas!!!! However I'll be having another c-section, and as long as my blood sugars behave, this baby should be born right around the 15th of December :)