Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sketches and Flowers and New Paper OH MY!

Welcome back to blogger Nessa... why thank you other voice in my head I very much appreciate that! Yes, I have been a bad, bad blogger, but now that I am scrapping more both for myself and my Etsy store I hope to blog a whole lot more! This week I received a phenomonal sketch from Tamara at Sketches {by tamara} to use as her guest designer for the first week of March! How fun is that????? I saw the sketch and the first thing I thought of was using these gorgeous new papers from Prima and making a vine up the left side.

So I sat down with them, the sketch, and some photos we had taken of Abrielle when she was all of 10 weeks old and this is what I came up with.... my favorite layout of all time! Ok, ok, ok those of you that scrap with me know I say that A LOT, but I really mean it this time! It's even Steve's favorite :) Anywho.... because I am so in lust with it I had to take about a half million pictures. I'll spare you THAT many, but there are quite a few detail pics below!

This paper is soooooo up my alley! Soft, vintagey and lookin like it's been in a box in grandma's attic for the last 75 years or so. It absolutely begged to be made into flowers with actual vintage paper.
So of course I had to make the paper happy! These little darlings were made from prima flowers topped with paper flowers made from a 1940's dictionary :)

Oh you want to see it even closer.... well all right then! These little guys are coming to Scrafty Paper Lady in the very near future as part of sets of themed embellishments all made from vintage books.... awesome right?

And those flowers looked awfully lonely, so Ipunched them out some butterfly friends made from patterned paper by Prima and topped with some Stickly goodness.And because no vintagey paper is complete without it.... I was forced to rip, crumple, tear and ink every surface of this layout. And then hand sew it all together. I think Steve may have thought I was nuts when he walked by and I was crumpling all the paper. *Shrug*I'm pretty sure the part I love best on this layout is the vine. I tried every lace and string I had trying to figure out the best way to make a vine for my flowers and butterflies :) It finally hit me to just ink some twine in a matching color! It didn't ink the whole twine on all sides, but I think that looked even better!

I was stuck on the date box but ended up using a lace scrap and it turned out just as I pictured it :)

The layouts title, "Love and Adore," is at the bottom on paper strips surrounding more pictures of Elli at 10 weeks and also Elli with my Neice Evy who is a few weeks younger than Elli.

All in all I am just in love with this layout! So much so that it got the prime real estate of above the fireplace in my scrappy room :) Thanks Tamara for such a great sketch and for allowing me to design for you this week!