Thursday, March 29, 2007

recipe bloggin

The mojo topic is... recipes :) Although I actually do cook a lot I'm going to share my favorite adult drink! We call it a Mrs. Misty because it tastes just like a Mr. Misty but is more girly :) Just fill your blender with ice, add as much Midori as you'd like and fill er up with sweet and sour. Blend and enjoy the yummiest frozen drink ever!


I'm a Mojo Maven!!!! I am so thrilled! The DT was announced tonight and I am so excited to be on a team for such a fun and inspiring site! Above I'm posting the challenges that I entered with :) Come on over and visit us!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Look at me... I have a blog :)

Credit for starting this blog goes to a fun new site I found called Scrappin Mojo! They do inspirations for blogging so I thought I'd try it out :) I'd like to use this as a central location for all the scraftiness that I do. Hope it gives a little inspiration to a person or two! Lately I've been really into altering items. My newest fun thing is I made myself a mini calendar to keep track of contests and stuff for scrappin. It certainly is a lot prettier than the black and white calendar that was tacked to the wall by my computer! It was a fun quick and easy project!