Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer is FINALLY here!

Thank goodness! I had a good laugh this morning when I looked at our weather forecast and there was a SEVERE WEATHER ALERT! Oh no right..... wrong! It was a high temp alert for the coastal area... and our forecasted high is 72 :) Now for us that IS high, but not warranting an alert so much LOL Elli and I enjoyed our afternoon in the sun though! She dragged her blankie outside and plopped it down by Gracie who was enjoying some shade! They looked so darn cute sitting there together :)
I had to share this funny picture of Gracie too! She looks SO fierce.... yeah not really :) She's chewin on a stick! I thought it was a funny one cause she looks like she's about to attack when in truth she'd let you bite her before she ever bit you LOL

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thanks Wen :)

So tonight I asked Wendy where she got her blog template from and just LOOK what she found :) I am in Cubbies heaven! Then she made me a carlos banner..... sigh. I could look at him all day :) What a pal you are!!!!! And look I even made a DAMN post too LOL